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Frequently Asked Questions about CC&Rs

Ki’ilae Farms – Kona Real Estate


  1. Utilities:  Electric and county water are underground with meter to each lot.
  2. Number of homes per lot:  1 dwelling per lot per County of Hawaii Zoning Code, owner may  apply  for an additional farm dwelling permit (Exhibit F-3)
  3. Building Requirements:  First dwelling built shall be no less than 1,750 square feet in living area with no restrictions on the maximum.
  4. Association Dues:  The Association dues are $1274.28/year per lot for 2015.  The Association is managed by Certified Management Inc.
  5. Archeological Study: Archaeological preservation easements are located on some of the lots.  These easements have been recorded on the title of each affected lot. (Public Offering page 2)
  6. Building:  not required
  7. Ownership of Land:  fee simple
  8. Subdividing:  No lots can be further subdivided. (Zoned Ag-5)  See Hawaii County Zoning Codes
  9. Ag-5:  State Land Use Classification in Agricultural with minimum lot size of no less than 5 acres.
  10. Additional storage building:  Prior to construction all buildings plans must be approved by Design Review Committee.
  11. Boat Storage:  Boat must be stored or repaired in  area not visible  from road or public view, nor shall any non-operable vehicle be kept on any lot. (CC&Rs 7.7i-7)
  12. Setbacks:  All lots have a minimum 75 foot setback from the road and 40 foot setback from the side and rear property.
  13. Grading:  With a permit and approval of Design Review Committee
  14. Gate:  Gated entry with locked mail boxes.
  15. Flood plain:  Flood Insurance Rate Map designation for entire property is “X”.(areas determined to be outside of the 500 year flood  plain)
  16. Water diversion:  Location of dry wells is depicted on subdivision map  .
  17. Lava Zone:  Lava zone 2
  18. Street Lights: none
  19. Fencing the parameter of lot:  Not required but must meet standards and specifications as determined by Design Review Committee.(CC&Rs 7.7b)
  20. Telephone/Internet Service: may be subscribed through Cable Television service. (Public Offering  page 7)
  21. Beach/Ocean Access:  Ocean access reached by 1871 trail to Pu’uhonua O Honaunau National  Park.
  22. Garbage Pick-up:  Individual lot owners shall subscribe to weekly trash removal. (CC&Rs 7.7g)
  23. Landscape Restrictions:  A detailed site and landscape plan must be submitted to the Design Review Committee.  A landscape architect is not required.
  24. Sewage Disposal:  All lots shall utilize an enhanced septic system.  Systems must meet the requirements of the State of Hawaii Department of Health.
  25. Pools:  Permanently constructed pools will be allowed. (Exhibit D-11)
  26. Soil Conditions:  Classified by USDA Soil Conservation Service’s Soil Survey Report. (Public Offering page 5)
  27. Historical Preservation Consultant Fee:  Owner shall submit a nonrefundable consultant fee of $250 (estimated cost incurred for consultant services of Kumu Kahi Hou, LLC).  CC&Rs page 32
  28. Height of Improvements:  Maximum elevation of any dwelling or other improvement shall not exceed 30 feet.
  29. Prohibited Plant List:  No plants on this list may be planted or maintained on a lot.  Any plant that exceeds 30 feet in height is prohibited in the set back areas. Plant list is Appendix D.
  30. Do you have additional questions about Ki’ilae Farms – Kona real estate?  Contact Alan Livingston for additional help.  Alan is also happy to tour the property with you virtually or in person.

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